We offer logistic services for all types of freight moving within Canada and cross-border to and from the United States and Mexico using the services of hundreds of reputable trucking companies as well as offering intermodal service throughout North America.


Commitment to the Customer

UBL Inc., desire to bring to market a solution to manage, control and lower freight cost. From the
beginning, our commitment to the customer has helped lead us to become a company that focuses
on offering real service/technology that are proven successful. By continuing to apply our customer’s
needs, with our specialized expertise, as the foundation of our business, we were able to evolve into
a lasting leader in logistics management.

Success & Stability
Months after getting started, at the request of a customer, we explored the possibility of providing an audit, payment and reporting service. Our first primary service had begun. As the transportation industry progressed,
we continued to develop proven solutions, and continued to build lasting relationships with some of today’s leading companies. Our unique position has helped us provide our clients with an integrated approach to
logistics management. Our business strategy revolves around the concept of a whole company
integrated solution.

Accelerating into the Future
Our company original mission – Assist companies manage, control and lower freight cost by improvements to the supply chain. As one of the countries strongest names in freight cost management, UBL inc., is proud to serve our customers today and look forward to a successful future together. Learn more about how our knowledge, experience and leverage can help your business move forward.

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